Meet a Youth Leader: Jeffrey

By Stephanie Pereira

Jeff has returned to Emerald Necklace!! But this time in hopes of becoming a Crew Leader for next summer’s Green team. As a Boston resident he is very concerned with the natural woodland areas around and would like to continue to teach young adults how serious it is to keep these parks clean and invasives free. Let’s get to know Jeff on a deeper level.

Jeff and sports go together like peanut butter and jelly. He would play basketball and football with his friends all day long, if he could.  Can you guess what Jeff’s favorite food is? PIZZA!! With no onions of course, because he can’t stand onions. Jeff is also adventurous; he’s been kayaking, rock climbing, and sailing… how awesome! Even though Jeff seems so energetic he wishes to change his habit of waiting till the last minute to do important things, and he’s certainly working on it. With no worries for tomorrow, Jeff absolutely has his future planned out. He plans to own his own business focusing on new technology for computers and cars. Well, this is Jeff, one extremely awesome member of our Youth Leaders.


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