Meet a Youth Leader: Stephanie!

By Jeffrey Renna

Stephanie was born and raised in Boston. She is excited to develop new leadership skills during the course of the Leadership Program, and hopes to serve as a crew leader this summer.

Stephanie loves Chinese food and hates cauliflower. She wants everyone in the world to have equality. Each year, Stephanie walks twenty miles for the “Walk For Hunger.” “My feet hurt just for thinking about it,” she says. This is her proudest accomplishment. GREAT JOB, Steph! Stephanie’s favorite music is reggaeton. She enjoys spending time with easygoing people. She is still deciding on which college to go to. In ten years she hopes to own a house, get married, have two kids, a dog, and a pool in the backyard. She wants to be a doctor. Stephanie loves Dr. Seuss books, because “they bring back memories.” She loves Fourth of July fireworks. To relax, Stephanie sits down and breathes deeply. She greatly admires her older brother, who works hard, is funny, and protective of her. One thing to know about Stephanie is that she is the nicest person in the world and never rude.


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