Bioneers By the Bay Conference

By Stephanie Pereira

Our first road trip!! We had the privilege to travel to New Bedford to be part of an amazing event that brought together many interesting groups with like minds and the want for change, either for the sake of the environment or for the children of the world. In this conference we heard the inspiring words of a lot of artists and proactive speakers like Greg Mortenson, who is known for his dedicated and humanitarian effort to promote education and literacy for the young girls in rural areas, and David De Rothschild who sailed across the pacific ocean on a catamaran made buoyant by 12,500 reclaimed plastic bottles to beat waste. We definitely learned a lot. After that we decided to attend a workshop that showed us an example of actions that New Bedford is taking to create more sustainable and peaceful communities by designing and implementing a holistic green jobs program that uses the value of community to save residents money, create jobs, and reduce our carbon footprint. In conclusion, the Bioneers By the Bay experience is something we surely won’t forget and hopefully we can attend again next year!


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