A Tour of Franklin Park with Supervisory Park Ranger Alan Banks

Supervisory Park Ranger Alan Banks explained that Scarborough Pond was not part of the original plans for Franklin Park. Frederick Law Olmsted felt that there was enough water in the Emerald Necklace landscape and that there was not enough water in Franklin Park to feed the Pond. Demand from citizens prevailed, however, and the 1891 Revised General Plan included plans for a Pond system. Islands were designed in the Pond to help support wildlife. In winters, the Pond served as a favorite ice skating destination.
Overlooking the Golf Course, from Schoolmaster Hill. The Hill is named in honor of Ralph Waldo Emerson, who lived in a small cabin on Schoolmaster Hill for two years before the park was created. He was an unhappy schoolmaster in Roxbury, but loved the outdoors and began writing nature poetry and essays.

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