Boston Harbor Sea Level Rise Forum

By Jeffrey and Stephanie

On Tuesday evening we (the Youth Leadership Team) attended the Boston Harbor Sea Level Rise Forum, on the issue of climate change and how anticipated sea level rise will affect Boston. As a group, we were very excited to attend this event to learn more about how climate change would effect our environment and ways we can prevent serious damage. Individually, each of us had our own thoughts about this gathering.

Jeff’s thoughts about this gathering: It was great to learn about this topic. I learned new things about how the sea water can rise. I also asked a great question: “What difference can I make as a person to influence my generation’s thoughts about this issue?”

Stephanie: At first I honestly thought this event was going to be boring BUT amazingly it was more interesting then I thought. I learned how serious it is to start the processes of building sea walls to prevent extreme flooding damage. When it came to the audience’s questions, things got a little dramatic. People started to question whether these events were really going to happen and if the numbers were right.


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