Meet a Youth Leader: John

By Finess

John is a 19 year old DJ from South Boston who enjoys making music and producing beats.  John loves to eat chicken alfredo and hates seafood because he is allergic.  He has one brother and four sisters in his family but his favorite relative is his youngest Aunt. He climbed a mountain and even bungee jumped, but yet he is afraid of drowning although he knows how to swim.  He’s had his share of embarrassing situations ranging from scarring his knee badly, to trying to dunk a basketball, to crashing his uncle’s car into a tree in front of a lot of pretty girls.

John would like to go to Umass Boston to continue his education if he doesn’t join his sister at Quincy College.  He enjoys the Leadership Program because he appreciates the opportunity to learn leadership skills and about different plants and trees.  John stays busy by rock climbing, kayaking, and camping in Boston, but when he decides to take it easy he relaxes by making his own music.


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