What Makes a Strong Leader?

Today, after finishing up repairs to the goose fencing around Leverett Pond in Olmsted Park, the Leadership Team discussed qualities that make for strong leadership.

Jermeil says: Courage. To him this means a willingness to be outspoken, to try new things, and to be the first to respond.

Martin says: Responsibility. To Martin, responsibility includes arriving on time or early, and working hard. Martin also believes that an interest in learning about other people makes for a strong leader.

Stephanie and Adora agree: Organization. To have a plan and to smoothly execute that plan.

Adora says: Works well with different people. The ability to connect with and relate to people of different backgrounds, personalities, and interests.

John says: Good social contact. Making eye contact, a firm handshake, to make people feel welcome, and to convey that their work is meaningful and serves a purpose.


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