An opportunity to save money and energy with Renew Boston

Our friends at Boston Climate Action Network (BostonCAN) are partnering with the City of Boston to spread the word about Renew Boston, a new program that helps Boston residents and landlords receive free home energy assessments and free or discounted insulation for their buildings. Tenants, owners, and landlords can participate so long as they haven’t had an assessment in the last year and their building has four units or fewer. Grants and rebates are available according to the resident’s income, with households in the middle income range eligible for up to $3,500 toward Renew Boston-contracted insulation and air sealing services.

Participants are cutting their heating bills by as much as half! Think of what you could do with that kind of money! To learn more and find our whether you qualify, fill out this form, contact BostonCAN coordinator Loie Hayes at 857-544-6846, or visit the Renew Boston website.


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