Youth Jobs Coalition Rally by Finness and Adora

By Finness and Adora

On Monday February 7th 2011 the Emerald Necklace Conservancy Youth Leadership Team attended the Youth Jobs Coalition Rally planning meeting, where we discussed how we should go about rallying outside of the State House.  On February 24th the Youth Jobs Coalition is planning to lead a march from Copley square through the Boston Common and end in front of the state house on Beacon Hill.  At the meeting, we assigned spokespeople, media communications liaisons, and individuals would be in charge of writing chants.

We also discussed the best way to promote the event so that it would have the biggest turn out possible. We decided that each person involved would invite at least ten other people and to ask them to invite as many people as they can, thus creating a network of supporters.

What: Youth Jobs Coalition Rally

When: February 24th 1-4pm

Where: Starting at Copley square, ending at the State House.

Why: Our message will influence the politicians who make decisions about youth jobs budgeting.

We need as much support as possible. Please come out, have your voice heard and bring some friends!!!


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