Guest Speaker: Kristen Mobilia

By the Emerald Necklace Conservancy Youth Leadership Team
Last week, guest speaker Kristen Mobilia spoke to us about her social networking website,, which is a site solely dedicated to gardeners and people interested in gardening from around the world. These are some thoughts from Leadership Team members who were inspired by Kristen’s talk.

  • This talk has informed me that doing something you love can turn out to be something you can do as a career. –Ely
  • I enjoyed the fact that she had a dream and made it happen and also enjoys what she does. That’s encouraging to me. –Adora
  • It’s cool to see how you can start from a small idea and have it take off into a big business that’s going worldwide. –Stephanie
  • I thought it was cool that they were able to get a contract with Zip Car and have Zip Car help with their pursuit. –Darren
  • I thought it was cool to hear about their flip camera contest to help them promote their website. –Keith
  • It seems that her business is really productive, in terms of networking and promoting gardening and other cultural projects. -Luis
  • I like the idea of having a social network just for gardening. I check a specific site everyday for news on entertainment and music and there are sites that people check everyday for sports. Now there is one for gardening. –Finness

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