BYEN Job Fair

by Finness and Darren

During February vacation YLP attended the Boston Youth Environmental Network (BYEN) job fair at Northeastern University. At the job fair, many jobs and schools shared information about opportunities for teenagers and young adults. While we were there, three youth panelists spoke about how green jobs positively affected  their lives. I (Finness) served as one fo the panelists. A fellow panelist had prepared very well and I was almost intimidated, until I noticed a few people falling asleep during some of his well thought-out answers; so I decided to keep my answers short and sweet.

I also participated in a workshop that I found to be very enlightening; we watched a video that showed how farming and plant life are connected to poverty and human life. The film brought to my attention how the farmers for big fast food corporations are usually paid less than graphic designers who create the logos for the companies from which we buy the food.  I was inspired to buy my vegetables from local farmers’ markets rather than supermarkets, in order to support green jobs in urban communities.

My friend Helen, of BYEN, introduced me to many people and encouraged me to collect some applications to ensure that I have a strong direction to head in once ENC’s Green Team summer program is over.  I am passionate about music, and the Zumix program got my attention.

Altogether the job fair was a great experience, and I’m looking forward to attending it again in the future.


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