Seed Bombs Away!

By Dylan Johnstone

Seed bombs; not meatballs!

Seed Bombs Away!

It is uncommon to think of warfare as anything other than a destructive and hostile act. However, guerrilla gardening wages war on neglected urban landscapes to give them an attractive, green facelift. Guerrilla gardening is a modern environmental movement to reclaim urban space that is abandoned and rundown. Guerrilla gardeners don’t ask permission, but they are a part of a different kind of rebel force. Through peaceful protest, they seek to beautify rather than destroy. During this week’s environmental education workshop, the Youth Leadership Program learned that they can change their neighborhoods and become modern-day Johnny Appleseeds through seed bombing.

A Brief History of Seed Bombs

In 1973, Liz Christy and the Green Guerrilla Group witnessed an increasing problem with vacant lots in Brooklyn. Neglect and illegal dumping blighted these spaces, but due to chain-link fences, the lots were largely inaccessible to the guerrilla gardeners. Christy and her group began tossing seed bombs, balls of seeds, soil, and compost, over the fences to plant eye-catching wildflowers amongst the unsightly debris.

YLP, rolling their seed bombs

Learn How to Make Your Own Seed Bombs


• Soil; clay-rich soil is best

• Compost

• Wildflower seeds native to the region

• Water


1 . Mix the soil and compost together before adding the seeds. The mixture should be 4 parts soil to 1 part compost to 1 part seeds.

2 . Add a few drops of water at a time to moisten the mixture. You want just enoughwater to hold it all together, but not too much as to make it into wet sludge.

3 . Roll the seed bomb mixture into balls using your hands.

4 . Place the seed bombs in the sun for one day to dry.

Next Steps: Find an abandoned lot in your neighborhood and wage beautification warfare!

Soiled hands!

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