Esther’s speech: Green Team Camping Trip

By Esther Nkwah

Good evening. My name is Esther Nkwah. This is my first summer with the Green Team.

In July, our crew stayed at an Appalachian Mountain Club camping lodge in Russell, MA, which is two hours West of Boston. The main purpose of our trip was to gain a camping experience, and while on the trip I also encountered some challenges. Some of the challenges were sleeping in a new environment, eating food that I wasn’t accustomed to, and trying to survive a night without any electronics in our surroundings.

To begin with, I had never been camping before. I didn’t know what to expect. Some thought that we would be sleeping in tents in the woods, while it worried that we would not have showers to bathe in. I found it difficult to adjust to the outdoors while so far away from home, even though it was for just one night.

Yet in the end, I gained confidence in myself. I cooked for a group of forty, and helped guide a group of twenty of my peers while hiking through the woods to enjoy a beautiful waterfall. When we arrived at the waterfall, I was initially scared to climb down the steep scary slope and swim, but then I saw how much fun people were having in the water, and I decided to try something new. I overcame my fear of the slope and went down to swim with my crewmates. I pushed myself in other ways, too; I learned that I could survive without a computer, TV, and phone around. I walked through the dark to the campfire, where I made s’mores. Overall, I discovered more positive things about myself that I hadn’t yet known.

I enjoyed my summer here working with this program my knowledge about nature increased and I feel so good knowing more about trees and wildlife that I hadn’t known. I would like to thank the Emerald Necklace Conservancy for hiring me this summer and letting me experience a wonderful summer with them. Next year, I would love to come back and work here again and participate be in the Youth Leadership Program. Thank you.


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