Crew 1 Speech: Our Work at Mother’s Rest

By Green Team Crew 1

One of our most significant field work projects this summer included working on Mother’s Rest in the Back Bay Fens.

Mother’s Rest is in the Back Bay Fens, on the corner of the Fenway and Boylston St. There is a steep slope as well as a staircase and an active playground. The steep slope is the main feature of Mother’s Rest. It was previously overgrown with Japanese Knotweed, Fallopia japonica in Latin, which is an aggressive invasive plant. Knotweed forms thick colonies that completely crowd out native species. In order to plant the site, the knotweed had to be permanently removed, creating a fresh bed for native species to be planted. These native plants were installed to prevent erosion and to stop the invasive species from growing back.Now that the knotweed has been removed, our job is to make sure that we care for the native plants that the Conservancy planted at Mother’s Rest. One of our jobs was to weed the site. Weeding is a crucial aspect of the project because weeds will outcompete the native plants in the area and the native plants are young and not yet fully settled in. It gives them the edge they need against weeds and invasives and helps them to establish themselves on the site. Another aspect of our work here was spreading compost and mulch. Compost is essential for the young plants as it is full of the nutrients that they need to grow and thrive, while mulch is important as it protects the soil from the sun, retains moisture, and suppresses weeds. In addition to these jobs, we also watered the plantings at the work site.

Our work at Mother’s Rest plays a key role in the Conservancy’s master plan for that area.


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