Jeffrey’s Speech: Compost Turning at the Victory Garden

By Jeffrey

Good evening everyone. My name is Jeffrey. This is my second summer with the Green Team.

This summer, the Green Team’s first field project was to turn long rows of compost at the Back Bay Fens Victory Garden. The compost piles contain discarded plant matter that gardeners removed from their gardens, including leaves, branches, and clippings. Over time, the plant matter decomposes to create rich, black, crumbly soil that is full of nutrients and can be used in garden beds. Throughout the decomposition process, the compost needs to be turned with pitchforks every six weeks to ensure that the pile has adequate oxygen and decomposes evenly throughout the entire pile. Instead of buying bags of soil at the store, Victory Gardeners will get to use this soil in their garden plots.

Our summer has come full circle; just as we turned the rows of compost six weeks ago, tomorrow our final project of this summer’s Green Team is to return to the Victory Garden to once again turn the rows of compost.


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