Speech: Getting Back Outside

By Tyrone

Good evening. My name is Tyrone, and this was my first summer working with the Emerald Necklace Conservancy. Through this job, I realized that in the past I have often missed out on enjoying the outdoors. Due to today’s modern technology, the average teen spends more than four hours per day on Facebook and playing video games. Many miss out on the joys of nature, such as a bike ride through the neighborhood.

During the second week of work, the City of Boston’s “Roll It Forward” bicycle program provided all Green Team crew workers with their own bicycles and helmets to keep. Though I hadn’t ridden a bike in four years, I soon found myself riding my new bike to work and to the store near my house. By riding instead of taking the T, I saved money and exercised.

I thought that I would just be working outside this summer; but the Green Team introduced me to activities that serve as alternatives to time spent on the computer and watching television. Even after my summer with the Conservancy has come to an end, I will continue to ride my bike and spend time outside. I have learned that more time spent outside and away from electronics has a positive effect on people’s lives.


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