Satish Kumar at Bioneers By the Bay

By Kyle and Anita

On Saturday, October 22, the Emerald Necklace Youth Leadership Program traveled to New Bedford, MA to attend the Bioneers by the Bay conference. We listened to many different keynote speakers who spoke about various topics ranging from restorative agriculture to personal experiences in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. The program provided a delicious buffet consisting of entirely local, organically grown food. After lunch, YLP engaged in a variety of different workshops pertaining to subjects such as marine pollution and the effects of different foods on a person’s body.

One of the more memorable speakers was Satish Kumar, famous for his “Peace Walk” from Gandhi’s grave in India to four of the world’s nuclear capitals: Moscow, Russia; Paris, France; London, England; and ending at John F. Kennedy’s grave in Washington, DC. Not only was Satish Kumar’s 20-minute speech full of witty anecdotes, but he clearly conveyed his message of preserving humanity by restoring our connection to nature. One of the most amazing parts of Satish’s journey is that he did it all with no money AT ALL!

You can see a video of Satish Kumar’s talk here.

Overall, the day was full of all sorts of fun and interesting ideas and activities.


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