YLP at Bioneers

By Lily and Phung

This is our first year in YLP (Youth Leadership Program). So far, we’ve worked throughout the Emerald Necklace park system, at Jamaica Pond, the Back Bay Fens, the Riverway, and Olmsted Park.

In addition, we participated in the Bioneers By the Bay: Connecting for Change conference in New Bedford, MA. At the conference, we learned about a variety of ways to change the world in a positive manner. For example, we were very engaged by an inspiring speaker, Satish Kumar, who traveled on foot all the way from India to Washington D.C., without spending any money. Satish Kumar shows that money is not necessary for living, and he has influenced us to be more peaceful toward ourselves and the world. In the afternoon, we attended an informative workshop that taught us how to eat more healthily and to prevent cancer.  The workshop actually influenced the way we eat. Though it was a long day, during the ride back our crew bonded around Kyle’s amusing faces and Lily and Tyrone’s jokes.


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