YLP Winter Workshop Series: Crosby, Schlessinger, Smallridge

By Tyrone and Jamica, 2011-12 YLP members

In last Friday’s workshop with Diane Lipovsky and Carolyn Campbell, landscape architects from the preeminent landscape architecture, planning, and urban design firm Crosby, Smallridge, Schlessinger, YLP learned about CSS’ project to design parkland on the site of the former Canton Airport. The former airport site progressively deteriorated over the years as people began dumping toxic car battery waste on the land. Diane explained how the design will address the major problem of site contamination through site remediation and reuse, by transforming the area into Mass DCR parkland. In order to safely address the toxins, the design entails scraping off the top layer of soil into a pile and capping it with a leak-proof material.

CSS faced a number of constraints when designing the Canton Airport parkland. For instance, they needed to account for sewer lines that connect to the city as well as the sites’ vast wetlands that flood every ten years – they had to consider how flooding would affect public access to the park – and of course work within a project budget. For YLP, the opportunity to design our own park using a base map, trace paper, markers and colored pencils, was the highlight of the workshop. Our task was to draft a park design for the site of the abandoned airport. We had to consider the same constraints that a true park designer would face. We incorporated many areas for public activities into our park designs.

We believe that it’s important for all people to have access to recreation in an outdoor environment. We are grateful to Diane and Carolyn for making our world a better place, one step at a time.


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