Learning about Careers in Landscape Architecture, Planning, and Design

By Phung and Anita, 2011-12 YLP participants

During the previous week in YLP, youth leaders had participated in many workshops dealing with architects. Several architectural firms came to the ENC: AnnBeha Architects; Crosby, Schlessinger, Smallridge; and Copley-Wolff Design Group. During these workshops, they discussed with us some of the prominent works of their company in Boston, and introduced us to the field of landscape architecture. These architectural and design firms were involved in some well-known projects such as the Rose Kennedy Greenway located near the Boston Harbor, the remediation of the abandoned Canton airport into a green space, and finally something more close to us, the reconstruction of the previously abandoned gatehouse to what we now know as the official ShattuckEmerald Necklace Conservancy office and visitor center. However, these were not only lectures; we also experienced a hands-on approach to designing parks and green areas. During the meeting with the AnnBeha presentation we learned how Olmsted designed the Emerald Necklace park system, and Frederick Law Olmsted’s professional path. James Smith from Ann Beha Architects discussed how the firm reused an abandoned building by turning it into workable office space.

Lastly, we were visited the Boston Architectural College (BAC), where we had a tour around the school. We saw the works of landscape architecture students and their proposed designs.

We had an inspiring and enjoyable week learning about the field of landscape architecture and design from some of Boston’s premier firms.


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