Weekend in the White Mountains

Yesterday afternoon, YLP returned from a weekend in the White Mountains, which was made possible by Appalachian Mountain Club’s Youth Opportunities Program (YOP). The crew stayed for three days and two nights at Joe Dodge Lodge in Pinkham Notch.

During our first day in the White Mountains, we snowshoed up an at-times-steep trail to two beautiful view points: Lila’s Ledge and Brad’s Bluff.

During day two, the crew learned to cross-country ski at Great Glen trails. Following a full morning of skiing and lunch, a portion of the crew chose to ski more challenging trails, while the rest of the crew headed to the tubing hill.

On our final morning in the White Mountains, we snowshoed to Lost Pond, where we played a tag game on top of the solidly frozen pond. Then, one at a time, each crew member snowshoed back to the trailhead. We left a minute between each person to allow for a solo experience on the trail.

All weekend, the crew enjoyed magnificent views of Mount Washington. Though temperatures remained in the two to ten degree range, the gear that we borrowed from YOP kept us warm during our winter adventures. A huge thank you to Jamie and Nate from YOP, who coordinated the trip and shared the weekend with us.


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