Our Trip to the White Mountains

By April and Tyrone

Last month Tyrone and I, along with the rest of Youth Leadership Program, joined Nate and Jamie on a trip to the White Mountains. For many of us this was our first time being removed from an urban setting. Prior to the trip we were asked to leave all phones and iPods at home. On our trip, we snow-shoed and cross-country skied, and were able to communicate on a level most can not, due to the many distractions in our daily lives.

Our first day at the mountains we were very hesitant about the scheduled activities, but when we got on the trails the fun had just begun. This trip gave us an opportunity to work on our leadership skills. Each of us was given a chance to lead the group through vigorous trails and obstacles. One of my favorite experiences on this trip was building stronger bonds with my team. I learned that we are all unique in our own ways, but we got to know each other on a more personal level. We may not compromise in some situations, but we were able to come up with solutions that suited all of us. While skiing we learned that we all might not do things at the same speed or even at the same levels but that as a team we had to support those who had a more difficult time. Skiing isn’t easy, but after taking a shot at it for the first time, we realized that it is very enjoyable. Once you get over falling, you become more eager to get up and take on the next hill. As our trip slowly came to an end, we started to realize the actual purpose of the weekend, and started looking forward to our next trip.


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