Winter Workshop: James Heroux from Brown Sardina on Green Roofs

By Anita, Phung, and Leon

Above: An extensive green roof designed by Brown Sardina for Deerfield Academy

On Thursday, January 12th, James Heroux, of the landscape architecture, planning, and design firm Brown Sardina, came to ENC and spoke with the Youth Leadership Program crew about green roofs. We learned the difference between an intensive and extensive roof system – the former being park-like while the latter are basically self-sustained with little or no maintenance. Green roofs are built for a variety of reasons; they serve as insulation for buildings, provide many environmental benefits and have aesthetic values as well. James also showed us some of the different green rooftops around Boston, one of which is on top of the Massachusetts General Hospital Yawkey Center for Outpatient Care.  The green roof is not only a place for patients to hang out, but by connecting them to nature also helps in their recovery process. James also talked to us about his current project, a green roof on top of the Massachusetts General Hospital Museum. The roof-top is intended to serve as a place for relaxation, and will be filled with medicinal plants for educational and aesthetic purposes. Overall, we learned about the importance of green roofs as well as their benefits. A big thank you to James Heroux for sharing his time and knowledge with us.

Above: Located on an eigth-floor roof, the Yawkey Center for Outpatient Care intensive greenroof features the Howard Ulfelder Healing Garden at the Massachusetts General Hospital. It is a restful place for meditation and relaxation for patients and their families, with beautiful city views.

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