YLP Tours Franklin Park Zoo: Behind the Scenes

By Kalvin, Jamica, and Victoria
A few Saturdays ago, the Youth Leadership Program (YLP) crew members visited the Franklin Park Zoo for an exclusive behind the scenes tour of the animals and a chance to learn about the lives of those who manage the Zoo.
(photo courtesy of Boston.com)
The tour was both informational and inspiring. Unfortunately, we were unable to meet the majestic giraffe Beau on the tour, due to his unfortunate urinary tract blockage; we wish him a safe recovery. The first stop on our tour was the rain forest exhibit! We then had the privilege to meet the Zoo’s gorilla trainer, Brandi, who showed the crew members the docile side to an animal that was once thought to only be destructive and aggressive. Brandi also demonstrated the medical procedure used on the gorillas during their annual check-up. Brandi explained how, as a trainer, she is able to obtain such miraculous results; she uses commands, which the gorillas are then able to associate with any given hand signal. The Zoo staff’s love for animals was made apparent throughout the entire tour, by way of their vibrant attitude and gestures. If you once thought that the zoo wasn’t a place for you, try out the Franklin Park Zoo; it’s bound to completely change your perspective on the animals that live there.

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