Winter Workshop Series: Alison Richardson of Brown, Richardson & Rowe

As part of our Winter Workshop Series, YLP enjoyed a wonderful talk with Alison Richardson of the Boston landscape architecture and planning firm Brown, Richardson & Rowe. Alison spoke about several different projects that she’s worked on over the course of her career, including the design of Boston Harbor’s Spectacle Island, a former landfill site. Dirt from the Big Dig was transported by barge and used to cap the landfill, on top of which Alison and her team at Brown, Richardson & Rowe designed the island-wide park.

Alison showed YLP images of Scottish landscapes and English countryside, which informed the design of Spectacle Island:

The following photos were taken this past summer, during the Green
Team’s DCR-sponsored trip to Spectacle Island. Here you can see the completed design in use:

A big thank you to Alison for sharing her time and knowledge with YLP!


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