Tree Grafting Workshop at the Olmsted Center for Landscape Preservation

By April and Tyrone

On March 12th YLP joined other youth and had the privilege of attending the Olmsted Center for Landscape Preservation’s grafting workshop. Prior to the grafting workshop we walked the grounds and looked at trees that were planted by John Quincy Adams himself. We learned about a tree that got hit by lighting. The tree was able to sustain life by growing around the lighting scar. We also learned about hybrid plant life. While on site we had the experience of grafting our own apple trees. Grafting is when you take a bud end and attach it to a root system. The purpose of grafting is to preserve dying species. Going further on, grafting helps trees that are attacked by a blight affecting root systems. When you graft you take a tree with a stronger root system and combine it with a stalk of a tree that is in jeopardy of extinction. After learning how to graft, we ended the workshop with making our own grafts and got to take them home. We learned that grafting is essential to preserving old plant life.



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