Warm Weather and Working in the Victory Garden


By Phung, Victoria, and Anita

The weather lately has been changing constantly. Just last week, temperatures reached around the high 80°’s. It was extremely hot as we were working in the Victory Gardens. We cleaned out the beds that had been filled with dead leaves during the winter and pulled out the weeds. These beds were specifically made to be handicapped accessible. This was our first time this year using wheelbarrows. These were used to transport all the refuse we had collected to the compost. We left the garden looking much nicer than it was before when we first arrived.

While the weather was still warm, we went to Olmsted Park once more to rake up the leftover leaves. First, we started off our raking near the parking lot of Brook House.  Then we ventured further up to the shrub beds where most of our work was done. Though there weren’t a lot of leaves in comparison to the fall, we were still able to fill three bags of leaves for compost!


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