Cleaning up at Franklin Park

April Crespo and Jamica Morson

Last weekend on Saturday, the YLP group along with many other volunteers at Franklin Park helped out the Franklin Park Coalition removing the cherry trees that were in the area. The cherry trees were cut down because people who work at the Franklin Park Coalition wanted to open up the space so that pedestrians knew that it wasn’t a place to leave their trash. We used weed wrenches to take out the roots of the trees that were there. It was very difficult and tedious to pull the roots from the ground because they were so deep inside. The weed wrench was extremely heavy to handle, which made the process difficult. At the end of the day, we removed many cherry trees and the space looked better than before. You could tell the difference  from before when we first started. We learned new tactics of tree pulling from some of the people who were experts at it. I think that using the weed wrenches is a quicker and easier process for getting rid of unwanted trees.


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