Volunteer Day with Boston Latin School Students

By Victoria and Tyrone.           

On Saturday, April 21, we did a cleanup of the Muddy River.  Once again we had the privilege of working with volunteers from Boston Latin School. We, at the YLP program, love the opportunity to lead a group.  It builds upon our experience in the field. We met at nine o clock in the morning and the students seemed very enthusiastic about the volunteer day.  One leader would be broken up with two students to tackle an area of the river.  Some students took it as a challenge and made it a race to pick up the most trash.  One student in particular built a bridge out of dead trees branches to pick up debris around the river.  The BLS students were surprised at what they had found by the river. They picked up old clothes discarded by the homeless, empty bottles, and an abundance of wind swept trash that had found its way around the outskirts of the river. At the end of the day, we accomplished a lot of things overall and the river looks a lot better than it did before. The work was very efficient and we were able to get a lot of productive work out of the students.


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