Green Team Begins in Three Weeks!


The beginning of summer means many things — the end of school, trips to the beach, ice cream and barbecues.  For me, the approaching warm weather is all this and one more important thing: the start of Green Team!  From organizing our summer schedule to meeting with Green Team participants,  I’ve been busy preparing for the summer since March.  And, I am so excited for what we have planned!

Here’s a short reminder of what the Green Team details for this year:

Green Team starts in three weeks — 30 youth from all over Boston will work with us five days a week from July 9th until August 17th.  Youth will work on restoration and maintenance projects in the parks, from invasive species removal to refuse removal and will also participate in a range of environmental education and enrichment activities.  One example of partners we work with is the Fenway Victory Garden; in fact, we have the opportunity to care for a portion of the Learning Garden (take a look at the picture below).  Our Green Team Crew Members will be led by our great group of Crew Leaders and Assistant Crew Leaders.  Crew Leader training starts at the end of next week, so more information will be coming about them soon!


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