Crew Leader Training Week!

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By Anahita, Jackson, Stephanie, and Dylan

For the first day of Crew Leader training, we started with a tour of the Victory Gardens with Mike M. from the Fenway Garden Society where we learned about the history of the gardens since the 1940s. We also visited the compost areas and learned the communal responsibility necessary to maintain the space. We stopped by a few gardens including the Herb Garden, the Accessible Garden, and the Teaching Garden.  We ended the tour by watering our raised beds in the Teaching Garden in the excruciating summer heat. Then we decided to come back to the office to have a discussion about youth leadership and our roles this summer as Crew Leaders.

On Friday, we all met in Jamaica Pond to work on our first project. Our job was to maintain the sitting area in front of the boathouse by raking leaves and picking up trash. After, the members of the leadership team shared team-building games. Cutting through the Olmsted Park, we made our way to the Brookhouse Parking Lot to learn about tool safety from Fran from the Brookline Parks Department. We rounded out the day by discussing what style of leadership suited us best.

Today, the Assistant Crew Leaders (ACLs) joined us, but our morning work project at Mother’s Rest was rained out by a thunder and lightning storm. Instead, we had a discussion about risk management, rainy day activities, and met with Ray, a Project Manager at the Conservancy. In the early afternoon, Fredrick Law Olmsted, played by Gerry Wright, gave us a visit to talk about the life and work of Olmsted. To get out of the small conference room to stretch our legs, we played group games outdoors once the rain ended.  Afterwards, we took a tour of the Back Bay Fens where we stopped by the Temple Bell from Japan, the Rose Garden, the Victory Gardens, and Mother’s Rest.


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