Week 5: Garden Update

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In Week 5, the garden is starting to fill out nicely as the Green Team comes to a close in the next two weeks. As you can tell from the photos above, the basil, tomatoes, and squash have grown to take up the largest amount of space in the raised beds. Because the basil is the most prolific, Crew 3 members, Brian, Alan, and Alex thinned and transplanted many of the plants throughout the beds. Basil has a very distinct, strong scent so it can help to curb pests from disturbing our crops.  It also works great as a companion plant to the tomatoes. It looks like some Caprese Salad will be in order when harvest comes around!

While working to weed the pathway next to our plot, Brian, Hong, and Kenny saw one of the most infamous pests to the Victory Gardens, a bunny rabbit. They’re all cute and everything until they start eating your young, leafy greens! The Green Team has quickly come to learn that they are Dylan’s arch enemies in the garden.

Other updates, Anahita holds up the broken water line that runs next to our plot. Dylan was able to reattach the line, but it will need a new spigot head before it is functional again.


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