YLP comments on their first 2 weeks

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YLP will now be adding periodically to the blog about their experiences in the program and how the projects or workshops effect them.

Also, take a look at the YLP Crew Member bios: https://encgreenteam.wordpress.com/the-team/

A summary of the first few weeks of YLP by Alex, Ian and Bryan

The first assignment we had was to mulch the plants at mothers rest. We were very efficient and got the job done quickly. We then had a scavenger hunt in the Boston Commons and learned how to use a compass. While searching for monuments in Boston Common, we also learned a little of the past. We learned about sacrifices that people made just in order so we now have a nice park to play, walk in and enjoy. We are grateful for that and the work that Fredrick Olmstead has done to create the park system we know and love today.

Making the transition from Green Team to YLP by Chris and Eric

Being apart of the youth leadership program at the emerald necklace conservancy is spectacular! Before I started this program, I was working as a green team member for the Emerald Necklace Conservancy. We did a lot of interesting things over the summer.  One of the trips I enjoyed was the canoeing trip because it was the first time I ever went canoeing.  Cooperating with my former Green Team members was fun. For the first week of the leadership program we had completed our first work project placing mulch at mothers rest close to the Hynes Convention Green Line station. Although there are not as many people in the youth leadership program, I still hope to have as much fun over the winter working at the emerald necklace conservancy!

So far in the Youth Leadership Program we as a team have gotten to know each other and connect with each other; we have also done our first project, which was to mulch around the Mother’s Rest area. I am looking forward to the rest of my time here in the Youth Leadership Program.


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