We are still accepting applications for YLP

The Youth Leadership Program is in it’s 4th week of the program and I am excited about the strong youth leaders who work with us in the parks. All 6 members (check out their bios here: https://encgreenteam.wordpress.com/the-team/) bring with them their enthusiasm for outdoor work, their interest and passion for the environment, and their dedication to building a community together.

We are still looking for 2 additional members of YLP.  I urge interested candidates to contact me as soon as possible so that we can build a complete Youth Leadership Program as soon as possible.  Please spread the word to anyone you think would make a strong part of the program.

You can find a complete description of the program by following this link: https://encgreenteam.wordpress.com/apply-now-for-summer-2012-green-team/.  Please contact me, Brittany Dunn, at  617.522.2700 or by email at bdunn@emeraldnecklace.org if you are interested.


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