Charles River Watershed Association

ylp 2012week 4_5 020By: Hong Tran, Chris Stots, and Bryan Veras

On December 5, 2012, Julie Wood from the Charles River Watershed Association presented information on the Charles River and the Muddy River water quality. Their mission is to protect and promote the health, beauty, and public enjoyment of the Charles River using science.

A watershed is a land area around a body of water that drains around another body of water. There are currently 28 watersheds in Massachusetts.  The Charles is an 80 mile river with 20 dams and covers 35 towns. Since 2011, 54% of the Charles River’s water was considered safe for swimming and 82% of the water was considered safe for boating. There are many factors that make the Charles River dirty, such as landscape alterations, natural water cycle versus engineered, nutrient pollution, flooding, cyano-bacteria, and combined sewer system.  Cyano-bacteria is proven to kills dogs.

Julie Wood delivered a great presentation and gave us a clear understanding of what she does. Thank you again, Julie!


One thought on “Charles River Watershed Association

  1. Wood said that such blooms are unpredictable and poorly understood. They appear to be fueled by low river levels and warm weather, and the warm and dry spring may have created the right conditions for the bloom to occur in late June, rather than later in the summer as has been typical in years past.

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