Blair Hines Design Associates

ylp 2012 December 017Recently, the Youth Leadership Program took a trip to the Blair Hines Design Associates.  Blair Hines is the lead designer of the program. He has 30 years of experience in his job, and has worked on many projects over the years with the help of Katya Podsiadlo, his associate, and Barbara Nazarewicz, a designer. We got to meet these two as well, and they led a presentation and fun activity where we got to design a rooftop garden using an empty blueprint. It was interesting to actually visit the office of a landscape architect after numerous others that visited us at the ENC office. We got to see what they really do on a daily basis, and got a preview of several of their upcoming projects, like a retirement home. We learned a lot about the profession of landscape architecture, and it was a very enjoyable experience.

ylp 2012 December


Alex’s garden design


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