Exploring with Lisa Meyer

On December 18th, three days before the supposed end of the world, we were entertained by a Landscape Architect, Liza Meyer. She is the Chief Landscape Architect of the City of Boston. Before the presentation began, she gave us blueprints of the children’s park in Mother’s Rest and asked us to analyze the park for reconstruction due to its current state. When we looked at the park, we were separated in groups with different blueprints and we were instructed to analyze our parts. While we were analyzing the park we had come up with many ideas to rebuild the park. The biggest concern was the playground itself.

When we came back to the office for the rest of the presentation, she explained to us that the old park was obsolete and unsafe and it needed to be completely redone. Later on in the presentation she gave us pictures of the ideal park that would be built. She also gave us a box of items that would be used in the park to give us an example of what the architect’s use to ensure a fun/ safe park. This presentation showed us that architects really have a lot in mind when they construct buildings and parks. This presentation was very exciting and we were glad to have Liza Meyer to show us what architects do in their career.DSC04375[1]


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