Long Winter Weekend

Last week, the Boston area encountered a blizzard that trapped almost all residents in their homes. The storm lasted a day and a half and Boston was forced to put a ban on public driving to allow the snow plows to clear the streets for emergency vehicles. The damages of the blizzard exceeded the 400,000 budget. The snow pile up reached a height of 2 ½ feet and people spent days shoveling the sidewalks for the public. The snow caused the geese to part from the city and there were no signs of the geese until today. Luckily for Boston, the park workers were able to clear out the pathways to allow the public to walk in the Boston parks. The blizzard also caused our job to be cancelled on Friday and Tuesday. Unfortunately for YLP, our trip to the White Mountains to go skiing was cancelled but it was scheduled for another weekend which was great news to hear. Youth members were also able to spend time with their family, which was a great thing to do when people were trapped in their houses. The blizzard brought many deltas but we were happy that we were able to return to the Emerald Necklace today after the long winter weekend.


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