Partnering with Franklin Park Zoo Teen Ambassadors

Text by Ian and Bryan

Over the recent February vacation, we worked several days. One of those days, the Zoo Teen Ambassadors of the Franklin Park Zoo invited us to help them with a project of theirs and offered to provide us with a tour of the zoo. After playing a game to start the day off, we gathered some bamboo sticks from outside to turn them into fences for the zoo’s bird exhibit.  Some of us measured and cut the bamboo sticks, and others tied the sticks together to build the fences.


Ian and Helen work on the bambo fence.

After building the fences for the bird’s exhibit, we were divided into two groups for the tour and began walking around the zoo looking at animals.  We first went to see the gorillas.  It seemed that one of the gorillas birthday’s had been celebrated.  After seeing the gorillas we headed to see the lion and a zoo ambassador told us all about him. Also, I found a bird that I’ve never seen before because it’s head was so big that it looked like it had no body.  After the tour ended we walked back to the Eco Center and talked about the tour.

Chris, the male lion, looks out from his perch.

Zoo Ambassadors, Zoo staff, and YLP.

Thanks again to the Zoo Ambassadors who hosted us, led our project, and gave us tours of The Franklin Park Zoo!   It was a pleasure working with you!   


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