Art and the Environment: a Visit to the Museum of Fine Arts

A wonderful neighbor of the Emerald Necklace Conservancy, the Museum of Fine Arts Boston welcomed YLP for a visit.  Eric gives us a report of what we saw and learned.     

By Eric C.

A few weeks ago, Youth Leadership Program went on an outstanding tour the MFA. We went mainly to look at the White Mountain exhibit, where we had gone camping. At this part of our tour we noted a lot of the art was landscapes; we also noticed at what perspective the artist was painting from. For example, if it was a painting of a mountain we could tell whether he was looking down at or if he was at the bottom and painting what he was looking up to.

YLPspring_2013 062

YLP at the MFA

We also went into other exhibits and learned about the artist Thomas Cole; who was known for including two meanings in his paintings. For example, he painted the Garden of Eden from 1828, showing both the dark side and a bright side. This painting shows the difference in how things are changed and how every living thing has a mood and how that mood could change throughout time. It is important for people to examine artwork in order to make connections to the environment we live and work in. By looking at this type of artwork, you kind of get the feel of where some artists get their inspiration from.


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