Leadership: Learning to lead the group

By Chris

Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning

In the past few weeks, the crew started off the spring with our first spring outdoor project. For our project we were asked to finish mulching the Mother’s Rest that volunteers had started the previous weekend. During this project I was assigned to be the group leader for the day and my knowledge and skills were tested. Being a leader of a group for the first time is very difficult. Because I had worked at the Emerald Necklace for 2 years, I had an idea on how I was going to start the project. When Brittany (the YLP leader) gave me full control of the group I quickly knew where to start. When we started working, I monitored and assigned different crew members to different places and watched how they would perform in that area. When I was done assessing their skills and comfort levels in different positions, I decided to give people permanent spots where they did the best in.

About an hour and a half later, Mothers Rest was about 3/4th completed thanks to my leadership over the group and we began to pack up to conclude the day. When Brittany decided to let the crew comment on my leadership for the day, I was surprised because everyone said I did a great job leading the group. I was happy to hear what an awesome job I did, and now I am very comfortable to lead more groups in the future. This project was the first project with an YLP member leading the group for the day. For the next couple of weeks, we will be assigning more YLP members as leaders to refine their leadership skills. By the end of the program, we will surely become skilled in leading groups in the future.


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