Climate Change: What Would Olmsted Do?

On April 27, YLP attended a panel discussion, “Climate Change: What Would Olmsted Do?” Presented by Olmsted 2022, the discussion focused on how we can apply Olmsted design  principles to address the challenges of climate change in the coming years.  Also included in the program was presentation about the Muddy River Restoration Project.  Below is Bryan’s account. 


By Bryan


Last week the crew and I went to Simmons College to attend the panel discussion “Climate Change: What Would Olmsted Do?”. The discussion focused on the importance of the cause and effect of climate change. On this topic I learned that one degree Celsius or one degree Fahrenheit change in temperature would make a big difference to the world.
Next, we learned about how the Muddy River flood damaged the ecosystem. Basically, the majority of the damage that the Muddy River caused was to the local Universities, MBTA, and aquatic habitat. Due to the damages that the Muddy River flood caused motivated the community to set up the plan to improve and protect  against future floods. In conclusion, the panel discussion was very informative.


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