Another great year at YLP

It is that time of year again: gardens are planted, graduates are getting ready for all their ceremonies, and people are getting excited for the hot days of summer.  And here at the Conservancy, the end of the school year also signifies the end of the year for the Youth Leadership Program.  After about 8 months of working together 4 days a week after school, we have all spent a lot of time together.  In this program, working in the parks and learning about the many facets of urban conservation allows us the opportunity to grow as individuals and as a group.  I can confidently say that this year’s members of YLP have succeeded at doing that very well.

We’ve spent a whole year looking at our city from different perspectives regarding parks — from working in the parks to learning from urban planners.  For our last day of our program, we decided to take a look at our city in a very different way: by boat!  At the end of May, during the first heat wave of summer, we went kayaking on the Charles.  Enjoy the pictures below.

YLP Kayak

YLP Kayaking on the Charles

YLP Kayaking

YLP Kayaking on the Charles



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