A look back at a successful summer: Stories from crew leaders

Green Team is lead by 6 crew leaders, all of whom put an extraordinary amount of time and energy into their crews.  All come with different experiences and help to create a vibrant and productive work culture.  I want to share with you stories from two of our crew leaders this year.  

Group bonding, by Dylan

I want to introduce Crew 2 by telling you a short story about a team-building game we played in the fourth week of the program called Toxic River. I set out two ropes about 7 feet apart to create the “banks” of the river. I handed off one pair of “magic boots” that the crew had to use to get across the water, water so polluted that it would melt your skin off like acid if you fell into it. The tricky part was that they could only cross the river twice with the boots.

Toxic River!

Toxic River!

At first the group had some trouble reaching a consensus about how to get everyone across. Some of the taller people realized that they could jump over the ropes, but this still left most of the crew on the other side. I watched as they tried one creative solution after another, remembering that they couldn’t leave a single person behind. In the end, they didn’t choose a single method to cross, but rather they picked ways that worked best for their strengths. Some were carried across on their teammates backs. Others hopped across using the boots as stepping-stones. After they all made it to the other side, they immediately asked me, “Can you make the ropes further apart? We want to try again.”

I have spent the past six weeks with these amazing young adults who have challenged themselves everyday to work hard and make the Emerald Necklace a better place to visit.

Crew 2 goes canoeing

Crew 2 goes canoeing

On becoming an Assistant Crew Leader

Before starting a busy summer, Chris took some time to write about the transition from YLP member to an ACL. 

Yesterday, the Emerald Necklace Conservancy received volunteers from Boston Latin School to help us clean up the park as their environmental project.  We greatly appreciate their commitment to help the Youth Leadership Program and it was very fun to work with them while getting the job done faster across the street from Mother’s Rest.

Working at the Emerald Necklace Conservancy has taught me a lot in life.  I have worked here since 2011 and from that fist day working at this job, I have matured mentally about the environment.  This job also helped me develop skills to manage and lead groups as we did yesterday.  When I looked at how well the group did leading the volunteers from B.L.S. I thought about when I was 14 working here and I saw the crew leader as hard working and respectable person that guided us everyday through the project.  Now that I am placed into the same field as a leader, I feel excited to lead a group project into success.  Outside the Emerald Necklace Conservancy, I have also led engineering projects.  As the ending of stressful school is near and summer vacation is shortly after, I hope that my new position as an Assistant Crew Leader will be a great experience for the new crew members as well as my other peers.

Mulching at the War Memorial

Mulching at the War Memorial


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