Removing Bittersweet Takes a Team

YLP finishes up a busy work day of removing bittersweet

YLP finishes up a busy work day of removing bittersweet

By Joshua and Xiaoyan

Next time you are in the middle of Daisy field, taking a walk through Olmsted Park, or in the Back Bay Fens look at all the plant life around you. Invasive species are invading our forests but we just simply walk by it on a day to day basis. On Saturday the Emerald Necklace Conservancy did a joint project with the non-profit organization Gay for Good to remove the bittersweet that had covered up a lot of the Leverett Woods. It was a fun but tiring day as we spent most of our time scrutinizing the ground and any strangled trees of bittersweet, which wasn’t as easy as everybody thinks. The whole adventurous bittersweet removal process started in the morning and lasted well into the afternoon. But what got us through the seemingly tedious task was strong teamwork, small amusements such as games or small talk, and our long awaited lunch! It was a fun lunch time that seemed so short.

Working at the Emerald Necklace Conservancy these past weeks made us realize that preserving nature is very important. Through removing bittersweet we helped prevent invasive species from taking over native plant life. This relates to the Tragedy of the Commons because if we don’t preserve nature now, the next generation won’t have enough resources to enjoy it like we can. So all the trees and shrub beds that occupy the Emerald Necklace parks could be gone, all because small invasive plants like bittersweet are sapping out our resources and the things that bring out the beauty of nature.

Pulling bittersweet

Pulling bittersweet

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