Introducing the 2014 YLP Cohort

YLP is underway and we are excited to introduce ourselves. We look forward to working, serving, and learning together over the next several months and are happy to have you with us on the journey!


photo 2

Alonzo has joined YLP to build a greater understanding of the outdoors as well as gaining a new experience with gardening and landscaping. He especially enjoys the season of summer because of the hot weather. Alonzo also plays sports and wants to grow up to become an architectural engineer.


photo 1

Annmarie completed her summer at the Franklin Park Coalition. Excited to give back to her community and continue working outdoors, she joined YLP. Annmarie enjoys the sense of accomplishment after completing a work project.


photo 4

Coliea chose to participate in YLP because she likes to help the community and wants the opportunity to become and Assistant Crew Leader. She likes the fresh air and has a disdain for being indoors all day.


photo 1 (2)

DaHana has camp experience and enjoys working outdoors. She especially likes the fresh air, planting flowers, and getting away from technology. She has a can-do attitude and wants to go to college, but is undecided on her major.


photo 2 (2)

Melanie enjoys the refreshing, calming effects of nature. She chose to participate in YLP in order to build on her experience as a Green Team member where she learned how to take greater responsibility for her contribution to the community and the environment.


photo 2

Rayzheen has returned to the ENC after a successful summer as a Green Team member. She also believes that it will help her reach her dreams of becoming a zoologist. She enjoys the stillness of the outdoors.


photo 1

Takayla enjoys the fresh air and seeing different kinds of birds and bugs. She hopes the YLP experience will help her build her resume and prepare her for future jobs. She wants to go to college for criminal justice.


photo 3 (2)

Tishaun joined YLP to build on his prior landscaping and gardening experience. He loves the feel of the wind on his skin and hopes to become an engineer or architect.


photo 3

Winsky has enjoyed two summers of working for the Green Team and enjoys the fresh air and listening to the sounds of nature. His favorite season is fall because he enjoys the scenery of the leaves changing colors. He wants to study medicine or engineering in college.



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