Mapping Our Environment

Thinking of the word, “Environment,” brings a different image to mind for each and every person. YLP recently took some time to think of what environment means to them and depict what their environment looks like. Melanie gives this explanation for her drawing:
Env Map - Melanie
The portrait above is the city of downtown Boston and how I perceive it. It shows all the crowded buildings and fast food restaurants together and how over crowded city life is. There isn’t much green space in the portrait, not a lot of trees or flowers or grass. There is a lot of moving cars and people crossing the street, so you can imagine how hectic it is. Because of the cars there is a lot of pollution in the air that’s causing lots of dust and smoke which leads to pollution! And possibly global warming. What I tried to show in my portrait is that because of all these buildings overcrowding places and having unnecessary fast food restaurants it takes up green space and can lead to people getting sick and just feeling un-relaxed. Being in the city isn’t calming and is loud and just makes you anxious and want to leave. The people in my portrait aren’t happy to be in city because of the disgusting smell since there isn’t fresh air circulating since there isn’t a lot of trees.

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