Leadership is Serious Work

…but we try to keep it light whenever possible! Youth Leaders practiced their communication and teamwork skills in a friendly game of Cup Stack. With only a modified rubber band tool to assist them, they had to work together to create a cup pyramid. The game’s variations required them to complete the task without touching the cups with any of their body parts and without speaking.


Utter concentration.



A collaborative touch

By using play, we build positive relationships with each other and break down the barriers to difficult conversations. We debriefed afterwards and used the game as an opportunity to explore our own communication and leadership tendencies.  Listen to the ways these Youth Leaders are coming to understand their relationship to teams and the power of their voice:

I like everybody to get along. Say there’s a group of people and you know there’s some that don’t like each other, it creates tension. I don’t like that so I always just try to help everybody get along. –Coliea

I like to challenge people’s thinking. Like make them think outside the box. Sometimes someone will say something and someone else says, ‘Oh, I agree.’ And I want to know, do you really agree or are you just saying you do because your friend said that. I want to know what they really think. –Melanie


If you get really upset about something and you show how mad you are. That might not really help you in the future. You just have to sort of deal with it and move on. -Alonzo

I used to dominate things in a group, but now I try to get people involved. Because, say you’re working on group work, and I’m the only one talking and doing the work and people are getting upset, talking about, “Oh, he doesn’t give me the chances to say my ideas.” But I just want to be a leader and when you involve others in decision making, you have more ideas, so that can change the way you think of things. -Tishaun




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